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Walmart versus Aldi: Which Private Label Approach Will Win?

First the good news. Both of these retail chains are clearly succeeding in the United States with very different operating models. Over the past decade Walmart (we estimate $160 billion US grocery revenues) has increased its US store count from 3,700 to +4,700. Aldi entered the US in 1978 and now has 1,900 stores (with […]


Hispanics Will Drive 50% of Retail Food Sales Growth

Our newly released study, The Hispanic Market Opportunity, profiles the 57 million Hispanics in the United States and the food industry opportunity they represent. This study is the third in our series exploring the major trends in the US food business. Our fourth study, Private Label brands, will be available mid-summer. For details on all […]


Grubhub, Instacart and Amazon: Are they really changing the Food Industry?

The short answer is yes. The U.S. Food Industry is in the midst of a rapidly changing competitive landscape driven by internet-enabled platforms linking customers, retailers, restaurants, and delivery firms. Instacart, Deliv, Peapod and others have helped40% of grocery stores offer home delivery. Similarly, Grubhub, UberEATS, and Caviar are among the firms helping 35% of […]


RXBAR and Kashi: Lessons (not) Learned?

When Kellogg’s bought Kashi in 2002 the small cereal firm had $50 million in sales. Kellogg’s CEO was David Mackay, and the Battle Creek giant pledged to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and independence of Kashi. Kellogg’s kept Kashi’s headquarters in California, and Kashi became an innovator in healthy snacks and even extended its brand umbrella […]


The US Food Industry and Stagnant Middle-Class Income

In the US, middle-class families have not seen a sustained rise in median household real income over the past three decades. The stagnation has not been reversed in recent years despite very low unemployment rates. Median real household income in 2005 was $55K and $56.5K in 2015. However average household expenditures on healthcare, including premiums […]

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